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NLMK Europe

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NLMK Group is a leading international manufacturer of high-quality steel products with a vertically integrated business model. Mining and steelmaking are concentrated in cost-efficient regions; finished products are manufactured close to our main customers in Russia, North America, and the EU.


Thanks to our self-sufficiency in key raw materials and energy, coupled with the technological superiority of our production capacity, NLMK is one of the most efficient and profitable steelmakers in the world. NLMK has a diversified product mix, ensuring our leading position in local markets and our sales effectiveness. By leveraging our advantages – our flexible production chain, balanced product mix, efficient sales system, and widespread customer base – we are able to react quickly to changing market conditions.


Flat steel

Pre-painted steel

Electric steel

Long steel

Heavy plates



NLMK Europe at a glance

NLMK Europe employs almost 2,000 people at production facilities in Belgium, Denmark, France, and Italy with overall production capacity of 3.1 million tonnes of value-added steel products per year.


Its business model is centered on processing steel close to consumers. Key end users include the automotive, shipbuilding, construction and energy-producing companies, as well as offshore windmill manufacturers.


NLMK Europe consists of two business units


NLMK Europe Strip

NLMK Europe Strip, a part of NLMK Europe, manufactures uncoated and coated steels. Its production capacity is 2 million tonnes of hot-rolled steel, 1.5 million tonnes of pickled steel, 0.6 million tonnes of cold-rolled steel and 0.7 million tonnes of galvanized steel per year.


NLMK Europe Strip’s facilities located in La Louviere (Belgium) and Strasbourg (France) offer hot-rolled, cold-rolled, galvanized and pre-painted steels for automotive industry, building and construction, general industry, metallic furniture manufacturers among others.


The sites also offer oiling, decoiling and slitting as additional process.


For more information please contact:


NLMK Europe - Strip

David Palmer

Tel: 07880 253999


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NLMK Europe Plate

NLMK Europe Plate, a part of NLMK Europe, manufactures a large spectrum of heavy plates and ingots. It has production capacity of 1.75 million tonnes of steel per year. Its steel portfolio includes high value-added products like quenched & tempered steels, tool steels or off-shore grades.


NLMK Europe Plate division includes the following production facilities: NLMK Clabecq (Belgium), NLMK DanSteel (Denmark) and NLMK Verona (Italy). The high level of synergy between those three plants has resulted in offering a broad dimensional range of steels, from very narrow to very wide. NLMK Europe Plate also offers a range of extra services.


NLMK Europe Plate offers a wide range of dimensions, deliverable as hot rolled plates, forged plates or forged bars.


It also offers an extensive pool of heat treatment including rolling, normalizing, annealing, thermo-mechanically controlled rolling, quenching and tempering, hardening and tempering. Other treatments include also: shotblasting, priming, bevelling, bending, figure cutting.


For more information please contact:

NLMK Europe - Plate

James Griffiths

Tel: 07917 121471


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