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Profile information for Aon Risk Solutions

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Aon Risk Solutions

8 Devonshire Square
United Kingdom
Tel: 020 7882 0146
Fax: 020 7882 0497

Company Information:

Trade Credit Risk Management

Protect your business against the risk and cash flow implications of bad debt with Aon Risk Solutions. We're the market leader for innovative and cost-effective trade credit solutions and will advise you on trade credit insurance, trade finance, political risk and credit management. We understand that every company is different, and we'll work with you to find a solution that fits in with your business strategy.

Credit insurance
In economic downturns, credit risk becomes a boardroom issue. Are you confident you can trade with customers without knowing the true state of their financial stability? Credit insurance protects your company's profitability by supporting credit management processes and safeguarding your balance sheet against bad debt.


Trade finance
Trade finance gives you access to additional working capital and can help your business grow by funding the gap between the purchase and sale of a product or service. Trade finance terms are usually flexible and cost- effective, complementing existing banking relationships.


Trade Link
In the current economic environment, it's vital to have up-to-date financial information on your customers. Aon Trade Link gives you instant access to customer information so you can assess the credit risk of trading with new and existing clients.


Our business services


Credit risk is a key issue for small to medium enterprises (SMEs). What would the impact of a bad debt actually mean for your business? Aon's Tradeability policy, created specifically for SMEs, allows you to trade confidently with new and existing customers, giving you the support of a servicing team with extensive credit management expertise.


UK corporates
We understand that all businesses are different: we work with you to create credit insurance programmes and trade finance facilities that meet your specific strategic and operational needs.

As a leading broker to the multinational sector, Aon Risk Solution's specialist team helps multinational enterprises meet both their central and local objectives.


Industry Expert:

Amy Slayford
+44 (0)20 7882 0146