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Latest News & Announcements

NASS Annual Steel Industry Dinner 2018
BOOK YOUR TICKETS NOW! NASS extends an invitation to everyone involved in the steel industry to attend our prestigious black tie event
11 October 2018
FICEP UK Ltd. Industry 4.0 Open Day 2018
The Directors of FICEP UK Ltd. cordially invite you to our industry 4.0 Openday at our UK Headquarters in Wakefield Europort. 9.30am to 5pm on Wednesday 3rd & Thursday 4th October 2018. There will be live demonstrations of our latest automated technology and software and each day there will be visits to customer sites to see their production lines in action.
03 October 2018
NASS Race Day 2018 - Welcombe Hotel, Stratford upon Avon
TWO SPACES AVAILABLE, DUE TO A CANCELLATION... CONTACT US QUICKLY IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO ATTEND We are delighted to announce that NASS has arranged a fantastic networking opportunity for everyone to enjoy – an afternoon of Racing at Stratford on Thursday, 2nd August, which will be followed that evening by a Private Dinner and overnight stay at the beautiful Welcombe Hotel, Stratford upon Avon.
02 August 2018
NASS Golf Day 2018
Eighteen teams battled for trophies at our recent NASS Golf Day.... See a full Report of the Competitions and Gallery of Photos from the day
27 June 2018
NASS Safety and Health Awareness Day 2018
NASS in conjunction with the HSE and Wolverhampton City Council held our annual Safety and Health Awareness Day (SHAD) aimed at tackling common health and safety issues in the Steel Service Centre and Stockholding Industry.
26 June 2018
Kallanish Europe Steel Markets 2018 Conference
Kallanish have offered a €100 discount to all NASS Members who register to attend the 3rd annual Europe Steel Markets 2018 conference on the 21-22 June in Antwerp.
21 June 2018
NASS Privacy Policy
To keep the information that you share with us as safe as possible, we have updated our Privacy Policy in line with the requirements set out by the General Data Protection Regulation 2018. Please follow the link to view the NASS Privacy Policy:
25 May 2018
Midlands Engine Investment Fund
The British Business Bank (BBB) has launched a further wave of its £250million Midlands Engine Investment Fund (MEIF) with up to £100million of equity finance to be made available to small businesses across the Midlands.
14 March 2018
CBI surveys point to firmer growth, but mixed picture across sectors
The ONS revised down Q4 2017 GDP growth slightly, with the breakdown revealing that growth over the quarter was based on shaky foundations. Meanwhile, the CBI’s February surveys were somewhat of a mixed bag: while growth in manufacturing remained solid and the services sector saw a pick-up in volumes, sales growth slowed further in the retail sector.
02 March 2018
US Steel Import Tarriff set at 25%
More than a month ahead of schedule, US President Donald Trump has announced his decision in the long-running 232 national security case, Kallanish reports.
02 March 2018
NASS Training Programme 2018
NASS has teamed up with several industry training providers to provide courses for both Members and Non Members. please follow the link to book courses (includes in house training)
02 January 2018
Apprenticeships - NASS Training and Development
NASS has teamed up with several Apprenticeship providers to support Members who may want to explore their apprenticeship options.
20 October 2017
NASS Annual Report 2016-2017
Following its approval at NASS' AGM on 12th October, the Annual Report for 2016-2017 is now available for download
13 October 2017
NASS Annual Steel Industry Dinner 2017
330 people attended this year's NASS Annual Steel Industry Dinner - See the Photo Gallery from the evening
12 October 2017
UK Steel Price Increases to continue into 2018
NASS has again taken the opportunity to comment and reflect upon current market conditions in the UK as 2017 comes to a close and we look forward to 2018.
11 October 2017
NASS Race Day 2017
See the Photo Gallery from our recent NASS Race Day
07 August 2017
NASS Safety and Health Awareness Day 2017
The National Association of Steel Service Centres (NASS) in conjunction with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and Wolverhampton City Council hosted our annual Safety and Health Awareness Day (SHAD) aimed at tackling common health and safety issues in the Service Centre and Steel Stockholding Industry.
21 June 2017
NASS Golf Day 2017
Sixty eight golfers joined us to take part in the NASS Golf Day on 8th June at Breadsall Priory, near Derby, and competed in competitions throughout the day.
14 June 2017
NASS Annual Seminar: Credit Issues in the Marketplace
Book your places now for this year's NASS Annual Credit Seminar and hear from each of the UK's major credit risk underwriters who are all represented on our Discussion Panel
23 May 2017
Ecology and economy when sawing and storing material will be the themes of an open house to be held by Kasto at its UK headquarters and showroom from 16th to 18th May 2017.
16 May 2017
EUROMETAL World Steel Distribution & SSC Summit 2017 - 10-12 May 2017
NASS Director General, Peter Corfield, to speak at the EUROMETAL World Steel Distribution & SSC Summit in Dusseldorft on 11 May
11 May 2017
The Tipo G31 from FICEP heralds the dawn of a new era in the processing of heavy steel plate
This is the new technologically advanced, gantry CNC Machining Centre for drilling, milling, marking, scribing,tapping, chamfering and cutting of heavy steel plates up to 100mm thick x 3100mm in width.
27 April 2017
NASS/ EEF Free Apprenticeship Levy Seminar
NASS has teamed up with EEF (The Manufacturers Organisation) to deliver a free Seminar for NASS Members in aid of changes brought about by the Apprenticeship Levy, due to be introduced on 6th April 2017.
28 March 2017
Kallanish discount offer to NASS Members
Kallanish have extended a 15% discount to all NASS members who sign up for a subscription with the daily Kallanish Steel news service. Coupled with this, they will be entitled to a free 3-week trial in advance of the subscription, to ensure the service is right for them.
17 March 2017
Apprenticeship Levy
The levy requires all employers operating in the UK, with a pay bill over £3 million each year, to contribute 0.5% of their PAYE towards the Levy. Employers who do not pay over £3 million per year will not have to pay this Levy, but will still be subject to changes in the way Apprenticeships are funded through the Digital Apprenticeship Service and will also be eligible for up to 100% training subsidies for Apprenticeship training/ upskilling.
14 March 2017
Jelf Beaumonts Insurance Scheme Benefits to NASS Members
Beaumonts Group of Bradford can offer an insurance policy and risk management service catering for all the major risks you face, with an extensive range of additional financial and cover benefits.
09 March 2017
Sheet metal subcontractor, Keller Blechtechnik ( in Endingen, southern Germany, has increased productivity by more than 25 per cent thanks to ongoing investment in automated storage, retrieval and handling of material.
09 March 2017
NASS 2016 Review and Looking Forward into 2017
NASS Director General Peter Corfield reviews NASS activity for 2016, looking forward into 2017
16 December 2016
Kloeckner Metals UK Champions Female Talent within Sector
Kloeckner Metals UK are delighted to have become the first founder patron of Inspiring Women Changemakers, a dynamic network of women leaders who come together to create positive social impact by influencing key issues in the economy and wider society.
15 December 2016
UK Steel Price Increases Inevitable throughout 2017
Having conducted surveys and held Product Group Meetings in the last few weeks, NASS has viewed it opportune to raise awareness of current market conditions and the likely position going forward into 2017.
30 November 2016
NASS Annual Steel Industry Dinner 2016
Over 340 people attended this year's NASS Annual Steel Industry Dinner - See the Photo Gallery from the evening
06 October 2016
NASS Annual Report 2015-2016
Following its approval at NASS' AGM on 6th October, the Annual Report for 2015-2016 is now available for download
06 October 2016
NASS Race Day 2016 - Stratford upon Avon
See our gallery of photos from the recent NASS Race Day at Stratford upon Avon on Thursday, 28th July
04 August 2016
ArcelorMittal Chairman and CEO Lakshmi Mittal issues tenth anniversary statement
01 August 2016
BROWN & TAWSE STEELSTOCK LTD - Security Against Cyber-Attack
On Saturday, 11th June, BTS suffered a cyber-attack by a third party which managed to penetrate the (virus-protected) server
27 June 2016
NASS Golf Day 2016
Another successful NASS Golf Day took place on 9th June in glorious sunshine, see report and photo gallery
17 June 2016
Peel Ports Opens Major UK Logistics Facility
One of the UK’s largest new logistics facilities has officially opened for business
31 May 2016
Tata Steel UK completes sale of Long Products Europe business to Greybull Capital
Tata Steel UK today announced the completion of the sale of its Long Products Europe business to Greybull Capital LLP.
31 May 2016
NASS Credit Seminar 2016
The NASS Credit Seminar 2016 was held at The Brookes Suite at the National Metal Forming Centre, West Bromwich on 18thMay, 2016, providing delegates with an overview of the issues within the Steel Service Sector, in particular highlighting training, debt restructure and Stakeholder management, with four Hot Topics put forward by the Risk Underwriters for an in depth discussion.
18 May 2016
UK Construction Supply Chain
NASS is totally supportive of the BCSA statement of 6 April and endorses the fact that supply chains to the UK construction sector have never been as efficient as they are at present.
07 April 2016
NASS Member Graydon UK Ltd wins “Credit Information Provider of the Year” award at British Credit Awards 2016
Business Information specialist Graydon was announced as the winner in two important categories at the annual Chartered Institute of Credit Management (CICM) awards in London. It won both the Credit Information Provider of the Year award, as well as the Risk Management Achievement of the Year award.
11 February 2016
Do you already know the MUST HAVES for more efficiency?
The Partners for Steel propose you below the future trends in shot blasting, drilling and sawing technologies ...
22 January 2016
Latest figures for UK Trade from the Office for National Statistics
15 January 2016
Abram Pulman hit by flooding in West Yorkshire
Our warehouse and offices have been damaged to such an extent that business will be limited from Monday 4th January 2016. Our commitment to communicate with and service both existing and potential customers does however remain the same.
04 January 2016
Update on UK steel industry:Written statement - HCWS410
On Thursday 17 December, the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, Sajid Javid, laid down a Written Ministerial Statement on the steel industry in Parliament which highlighted the actions that Government has taken since the Steel Summit.
17 December 2015
Understanding Credit Risks for Dummies
Credit risk and fraud are serious problems for businesses. In 2013 the UK economy lost £52 billion to fraud alone, and the problem is on the rise. Today, fraudsters have more ways than ever to do their dirty work. But on the flip side, businesses have more tools to help identify those risks and take proactive measures to minimise them. This introductory guide to credit risk has been compiled by Graydon UK Ltd to explain the intricacies of B2B credit risk and explore best practices for protecting your business from credit risk and fraud.
02 December 2015
Kaltenbach Announce Co-operations with new Industry Leading Manufacturers RSA
The KALTENBACH Group of companies have announced two new co-operations with leading machine tool manufacturers ZEMAN and RSA, complementing their existing range of machinery for steel cutting and processing solutions.
27 November 2015
NASS Annual Steel Industry Dinner 2015
Over 330 people attended this year's NASS Annual Steel Industry Dinner - See the Photo Gallery from the evening
08 October 2015
KASTO - New Bandsaw Feed for Heavy Workpieces
Sawing machine manufacturer, KASTO, has introduced a new model at the top end of its KASTOwin range of automatic bandsaws.
09 September 2015
NASS Race Day 2015
Excellent Day's Networking at the NASS Race Day
30 July 2015