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Events & Training

NASS/ AMRC Introduction to Steel Metallurgy training course
NASS Office Birmingham
The introduction to Steel Metallurgy provides an overview of the basic principles of ferrous Metallurgy and how steel products are made. Joining Techniques are described and the physical properties , standards and definitions of Steel Grades are reviewed. the course concludes with guidance on the specifications and selection of Steel Grades for a wide variety of applications.
01 February 2018  at 09:00
NASS Plate and Long Product Group meeting
NASS Office, Birmingham
07 March 2018  at 10:30
NASS Flat Products Group Meeting
NASS Office, Birmingham
08 March 2018  at 10:30
NASS Health & Safety Committee Meeting plus SSLAP Liaison
NASS Office, The Citadel, Birmingham
13 March 2018  at 10:30
NASS National Council Meeting
NASS Office, The Citadel, Birmingham
15 March 2018  at 10:30
NASS/ EEF Finance for Non Finance Managers training course
NASS Office Birmingham
This introductory one-day workshop is perfect for non-financial executives, directors and managers at all levels who wish to gain a practical working knowledge of finance.
20 March 2018  at 09:00
NASS/ EEF Engineering Mechanical Maintenance training course
EEF Technology Hub Aston, Birmingham, B6 7EP
This four-day course splits between theory lessons and interlinked practical sessions introducing delegates to basic engineering and fitting techniques while at the same time learning the theory behind them.
03 April 2018  at 09:00
NASS/ AMRC Fundamentals of Steel Metallurgy training course
NASS Office Birmingham
This course provides an introduction to the principle alloy categories and their applications. It explains the properties of metals, how they are tested, how metal products are made and where they are used.
05 April 2018  at 09:00
NASS Health and Safety Passport Plus training course
NASS Office, The Citadel, Birmingham
This is an advanced Health & Safety programme to enable employees in positions of responsibility to manage workplace Health and Safety and promote a safe working culture throughout the business. Designed for supervisors, team leaders and managers in the steel service centre industry, the Health & Safety Passport PLUS course has been designed by the metals industry for the metals industry, has been piloted by the NASS Health & Safety Committee and is RoSPA accredited.
17 April 2018  at 09:00
NASS/ AMRC Carbon & Alloy Steel Metallurgy training course
NASS Office Birmingham
This one day course has been developed for people with technical and engineering backgrounds working in or with the steel industry to help them gain an understanding of the metallurgy & processing of Carbon & Alloy Steels. The course focuses on basic metallurgical principles, primary & secondary steel making processes, how steels are specified & evaluated and matching grades to applications.
24 April 2018  at 09:00
NASS/ EEF Introduction to Lean training course
NASS Office Birmingham
This one-day course introduces the principles of lean and provides managers and those responsible for process improvement with an understanding of the main benefits that lean management can bring to a business.
26 April 2018  at 09:00